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I'm an Abstract artist based in Texas.I started in the costume shop at Texas Wesleyan University theatre as a seamstress creating and drawing custom designs for their theatre productions. There, I fell in love with not only creating these elaborate costumes but the art of it. The patterns, the colors and different fashion periods eventually inspired me to create my own versions of art. During the pandemic ,I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I launched my artwork 

in their popular Arts Factory. While there I was able to work alongside other professional artists who had been in the district for 15 plus years. My hope is that I am able to create a variety of artistic visuals that people will love and cherish. I want my art to automatically be recognized as K.E Visions, mine. As I continue my love for creativity, thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. Most importantly,thank you for following me on this journey as I continue to create this ongoing vision. 



Abstract Gallery 

These are all original bodies of work that I created and painted with acrylic. They are all on various size canvases. Free was drawn and painted during the pandemic and finished after I moved to Las Vegas. It is one of my favorite pieces that I showcase at every art event. Free is a representation of all things liberated. There are shapes, different colors, various movements strategically placed to either confuse or excite the eye. It is one of my favorite artistic expressions to date.

Life & Work

Insights & Stories

For all other inquiries feel free to email me here.


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